Reportage By The Sea – Launch Event


I attended the  Arts by the Sea Festival Launch on the evening of Friday 7th October.
The link above is to the Reportage By The Sea blog, where you can see a couple of creative responses to the event (a technique covered by Mark Fisher in his workshop on 1st October). Gemma Alldred has covered the launch event in the form of a play review, whilst I chose the format of a shipping forecast.  I would have liked to have spent some time researching the format of a shipping forecast, but Matt West is trying to get us used to the idea of journalistic deadlines !

The photo above is of Aurora Starr, who gave us a spectacular end to the festival launch at the front of Bournemouth Pier. I took this on my Samsung smartphone (which thankfully wasn’t a Galaxy Note 7, so no pyrotechnics there !)

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